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no apologies. no excuses. no regrets.

the ramblings of a crazy fangirl

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about me ♦ tee-vee & movies ♣ books ♥ music ♠ other stuff
female. 26. bisexual. in a relationship. obsessive. crazy. horny. weird. introverted. lonely. strong. independent. needy. selfish. loyal. helpful. strange. lost. silly. funny. scared. honest. thoughtful. worried. careless. open-minded.
lj whore. writer. coffee junkie. addicted to the internet. in love with photoshop.

fandoms: supernatural. queer as folk. placebo.

imaginary boyfriends/girlfriends: dean winchester. jensen ackles. brian kinney. jared padalecki. gale harold. elisha cuthbert. emile hirsch. timothy olyphant. katee sackhoff. brian molko.
supernatural. house. queer as folk. battlestar galactica. the big bang theory. how i met your mother. scrubs. desperate housewives. gilmore girls. my so-called life. the wonder years. breaking bad. castle.

into the wild. true romance. pulp fiction. wake. particles of truth. die hard. inglourious basterds. zombieland. imaginary heroes. the dangerous lives of altar boys. the broken hearts club. the girl next door. hard candy. sommersturm. pump up the volume. two girls in love. hitman. harry potter. velvet goldmine. back to the future. soloalbum. 8mm. donnie darko.

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harry potter series - j.k. rowling. twilight - stephenie meyer. the hitchhike's guide to the galaxy - douglas adams. running with scissors - augusten burroughs. dry - augusten burroughs. the book thief - markus zusak. fragile things - neil gaiman. the world on blood - jonathan nasaw. the lovely bones - alice sebold. magical thinking - augusten burroughs. possible side effects - augusten burroughs. into the wild - jon krakauer. the dangerous lives of altar boys - chris fuhrman. prozac nation - elisabeth wurtzel. middlesex - jeffrey eugenides. the time traveler's wife - audrey niffenegger.

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placebo. eddie vedder. the cure. ed sheeran. dashboard confessional. blue october. the red jumpsuit apparatus. three days grace. my chemical romance. 30 seconds to mars. bright eyes. armor for sleep. eels. cranberries. goo goo dolls. foo fighters. funeral for a friend. mando diao. sneaker pimps. taking back sunday. dandy warhols. the postal service. green day. grönemeyer. garbage. smile empty soul. the moldy peaches. the fray. angels & airwaves. guns'n'roses. kansas. blue oyster cult.

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this journal is semi-friends-only.

if you want to be added you need to comment here. if we have something in common and you're 18 or older i'll most likely add you back. i do not friend empty journals or journals that are exclusively written in a language i don't understand. also, if you're in any way homophobic GET THE FUCK OFF MY JOURNAL. i mostly write about rl and fandom related stuff.

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